Homeowners Association

Neucort Lakes has a homeowners association run by members of the community and managed by Townsend Management.

This site is not associated with the HOA or Townsend Management.

Budget and Responsibilities

The association’s responsibilities are fairly limited, mostly pertaining to landscaping and insurance for some of the common areas (predominantly the park around the pond–but not Suppleland Park), taking care of the pond, and code enforcement. The 2016 budget ($61,700) provides some insight into what the HOA does.

Bad Debt 3,000.00
Office Expense 1,600.00
Management Fee 11,280.00
Accounting/Tax Prep 350.00
Legal 8,000.00
Insurance 2,755.38
Miscellaneous 0.00
Electric 1,050.00
Gas 0.00
Water/Sewer 0.00
Real Estate Taxes 0.00
Landscaping 12,664.00
Landscaping Extras 10,500.00
Snow Removal 0.00
Sealcoating/Driveway 0.00
Homeowner Repairs 0.00
Pond/Fountain 2,530.00
General Maintenance 1,000.00
Holiday Lights 0.00

Current Board Members​

Name Role Term Expires Street
Mason Keith President 2018 Cardinal St
Joe Kirchens Secretary 2018 Cardinal St
Dominic Serpico Treasurer 2018 Meadow Dr
Matt Waterman Director 2017 Hummingbird Ave

One homeowner (or proxy) for each home may cast a vote for each open position.

Website and Facebook

Townsend Management’s website can be found at townsend-management.com. To access information about the HOA, the username is “neucort”. You can contact Townsend for the password, or maybe you can guess it. The following information is available on Townsend’s site:

  • Bylaws
  • Declarations
  • Rules and Regulations
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Architectural Request Form
  • Budget

The association has a Facebook page where some info is posted.